Sept 5: HOA Application package received

Sept. 12. Application package submitted to HOA. Please watch for the approval letter.




Picture #1: Flower Rack plus bench: a 90 degree corner flower rack,

Can be put at the left side corner


Picture #2: flower rack plus lattice fence


Picture #3: top-cover flower rack, plus bench and small table


picture #4: top-cover flower rack with big posts,

suitable for big deck



picture #5, corner design with angled bench, for the right side corner?



picture #6: flower rack, consider it for the left side from house to the end

reaching side?


picture #7: bench (angled), right side?

picture #8: flower rack and bench


picture #9 for right side corner?



drawing: design #1,

                             HOUSE                                                                         Stairs?

Angled bench?                                                                                      Flower Rack plus bench?